Car, Truck, SUV Tune-up

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Car, Truck, SUV Tune-up

If you're looking for a car, truck or SUV tune-up, bring your vehicle to South Denver Automotive. Our ASE certified technicians will make sure it leaves our shop running optimally.

While some people say that tune-ups are unnecessary, we've found them to be a great way to ensure vehicle performance and efficiency. Plus, we can't tell you how many times a basic tune-up has revealed easily-fixed issues that would have led to a serious problem or breakdown before the car was brought in for a 60k, 90k or other factory scheduled maintenance mileage point.

While some people chalk up minor issues to the age of a car and don't suspect anything wrong without the check engine light on, there are a number ways for your car to tell you that it's time for a tune-up:

  • Reduced fuel mileage
  • Stalls, misfires or an engine running rough
  • Fast or rough idling
  • Struggling on hills or sluggish accelerating
  • Strange noises like knocking or pinging
  • Black smoke from your exhaust
  • Problems starting your vehicle

At South Denver Automotive, your car, truck or SUV tune-up starts with an oil change, followed by a system checks and any necessary part replacements. And if we discover any significant problems along the way, we'll walk you through your options for repair. Our comprehensive service includes:

Car Tune-up Service

  • Oil Change, Lube & Filter
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs & Wires
  • Replace Fuel Filter PCV Valve
  • Replace Oxygen Sensor
  • Rotate Tires
  • Check Brakes
  • Check Transmission Fluid
  • Adjust Emergency Brake
  • Check Air Conditioning System

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If you notice your car, truck or SUV is performing poorly or want us to take a closer look at your vehicle during your next oil change, South Denver Automotive offers expert tune-up services at great prices.

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