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The unsung heroes of your vehicle's engine are the radiator hoses, fan belt and serpentine belt. At South Denver Automotive we pay close attention to these hardworking components, providing inspections and replacements that will protect your engine from damage.



So, what do your radiator hoses do? First, your vehicle has two of these parts, an upper and a lower. The upper radiator hose transports hot coolant from the engine into the radiator, which circulates and cools the fluid. Once that's complete, coolant is cycled back into the engine via the lower radiator hose.

Without properly working hoses, the radiator can't do its job and your engine will overheat. To prevent failures, bring your vehicle to South Coast Automotive and we'll check your hoses for issues such as:

  • Leaks and low coolant damage
  • Soft spots indicating ECD
  • Cracks, nicks, bulges or collapses
  • Heat or abrasive damage

If we find any issues with the radiator hoses, we'll replace what's needed and get you back on your way.

Fan Belts


Most cars have a serpentine belt, which is a huge multi-tasker, powering your AC system, alternator, water pump and power steering pump. Other vehicles will have their own radiator fan belt.

Either way, belts are critical components that are constantly exposed to intense heat, abrasion and oil. While they can last 50,000 to 100,000 miles, it's important to keep an eye out for issues and bring your vehicle to South Coast Automotive for replacement of your serpentine belt and/or fan belt.

Symptoms of belt issues include:

  • Belts are cracked, frayed, twisted, splitting or missing any teeth
  • Squealing or a chirping noises from the engine - points to slipping
  • Failures such as power steering loss, battery drain or dead engine

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They may seem minor, but faulty belts and hoses can quickly cause extensive damage to your engine and its most vital systems. If you suspect a problem, visit South Denver Automotive for an inspection and replacement. We specialize in same day repairs!

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