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Your vehicle is a complex machine with a complex electrical system. And when something isn't right, the problem may not be as simple as swapping out the battery. At South Denver Automotive, we look at the entire system to locate the source of any issues and provide starter and alternator repair if needed.

Let's take a look at these two key components of your vehicle's electrical system.

The Starter

Using power from your car battery, the starter gets your motor running. It engages a large gear ring on the flywheel, which spins the crankshaft, which starts your engine pistons pumping. Like a dead battery, a bad starter can cause your car not to turn over. Other symptoms include:

  • Grinding sounds (like when you turn the key after the car is on)
  • Whining noise but the car engine doesn't turn over
  • Seeing or smelling smoke from underneath the engine
  • Nothing happens when you turn the key

Alternator Repair

The Alternator

Without getting too detailed, the alternator basically turns your engine's mechanical energy into electric power. Its job is to continually charge your battery while you drive, supplying power to various electrical components such as your lights, radio and more. Symptoms of a failing alternator include:

  • External and internal lights dim or flicker
  • Difficulty starting with a fully charged battery
  • Indicator light comes on, might say ALT or GEN
  • Failures with power windows and locks, AC, radio, etc.
  • Grinding, rattling or whining noises
  • Car stalls, won't start, or dies while driving

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If you're having to jump your car more frequently or notice the lights dimming as you're driving down the road, come to South Denver Automotive for immediate starter and alternator repair:

  • Full Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
  • Computer Sensors, Modules
  • Vehicle Harness Repair
  • Batteries, Starters, and Alternators
  • Ignition Switches and Interior Gauges
  • Fuses and Relays

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