Auto Tune-Up in Denver, CO

Tune-up in Denver, CO | South Denver Automotive

South Denver Automotive provides Denver residents with comprehensive tune-up service for their vehicles. Even though today’s tune up is a lot less time consuming than the tune-ups in the olden days, and even though modern vehicles’ computers perform many functions of a tune-up in real time, it’s still a good idea to bring your vehicle to our Denver auto repair facility for a tune-up.

A minor tune-up includes inspections of the hoses, belts, wires, checks for vacuum leaks, coolant leaks, oil leaks. We will scan computer codes as well. On-board computers can perform a lot of adjustments based on the information from many sensors built into your vehicle, but computers still cannot determine where an oil leak is coming from, nor can they check the belts or hoses – experienced technicians need to be involved.

A major tune-up will involve checking the belts and hoses as well,  but may also involve spark plugs replacement, fuel pump replacement, transmission fluid replacement, new ignition coils, and occasionally sensor replacement (sensors have no moving parts, so they rarely fail.)

At South Denver Automotive we offer a wide range of auto maintenance and factory recommended services, as well as diagnostics and repairs. Our nationally ASE certified technicians combine extensive auto repair experience with the latest diagnostic tools to find the root cause and to repair any problem your vehicle may face. When you visit our Denver auto repair shop you will not only experience friendly and efficient service, but can also anticipate:

  • Original Equipment or better quality parts
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your vehicle
  • Convenient online appointments
  • 4 year / 40,000 miles warranty

So when your vehicle needs a tune-up, or if it has been a while since you visited your local mechanic, call our Denver auto repair shop, and our friendly service advisors will answer any tune-up questions you may have, and can confirm appointment time as well. You may also choose to use our online scheduling widget, located on our website, if you find it more convenient.

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