Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Denver, CO

Pre-Purchase Inspection in Denver | South Denver Automotive

South Denver Automotive offers pre-purchase vehicle inspections for Denver residents. Buying a used car involves both opportunity and risk. Opportunity to get a vehicle for a reasonable price – but only if the vehicle is in good shape. At our Denver auto care facility we provide professional pre purchase inspections performed by nationally ASE certified technicians. We combine extensive auto repair experience with the latest in digital diagnostic tools to perform physical as well as digital vehicle inspection, and provide you with information necessary to make an informed buying decision.

We highly recommend ordering a pre-purchase inspection when buying a used car. Modern vehicles have, literally, dozens of embedded computers and sensors that provide information about the current and past condition of the vehicle. We also check national database for past history of the vehicle. Without that information, your purchase could result in thousands of dollars in repairs – many vehicle problems are difficult to pin down without professional tools that cost thousands of dollars. Our friendly service advisors we will take the time to explain what we found, including cost implications. Based on that information you can negotiate better price or forego the transaction in favor of a better car.

We provide pre-purchase inspections for a wide variety of vehicles – from subcompacts, to sedans, to SUVs, pickup trucks and vans. Naturally we also work on hybrid vehicles. Below is an abbreviated list of the checks we perform during a pre-purchase inspection:

  • Check for oil leaks, coolant leaks, power steering fluid leaks, and transmission fluid leaks
  • Suspension check (including shocks and struts)
  • Brake inspection, including measuring thickness of brake pads, check rotors and calipers, check condition of the brake fluid
  • Check for trouble codes that might be store in the onboard computer
  • Inspect radiator and the cooling system
  • Tire inspection (visual signs of age, uneven tire wear, tire pressure issues)
  • We research a national database with repair history of millions of vehicles
  • Check fluid levels and quality of the fluids
  • For hybrid vehicles, we check the high voltage battery
  • We check condition of belts and hoses
  • We take the car for a test drive to observe its behavior under normal driving conditions

Once again we highly recommend getting a pre-purchase vehicle inspection before buying a used car. Pre purchase inspection can be performed by any professional auto repair shop, though we would like to think that you will find our customer services and technical excellence to be an unbeatable combination. Our friendly service advisors will guide you through the process, from making the appointment, to discussing the details of the pre-purchase inspection report. They will also offer repair options and pricing, should repairs turn out to be advisable.

For your convenience South Denver Automotive offers online or you can call the shop directly, and speak with our service advisors – they will answer your questions and concerns, and can confirm appointment time that fits your and seller’s schedule. We are looking forward to serving your automotive needs.

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