Spark Plugs Replacement in Denver, CO

Spark Plugs Replacement in Denver | South Denver Automotive

South Denver Automotive, your premier Denver auto repair facility, offers spark plugs replacement among the hundreds of automotive services and repairs we provide. Spark plugs are crucial for providing motive power for internal combustion engine vehicles, yet they never move themselves. They provide high voltage sparks that ignite the air-fuel mixture that in turn generates the power that propels your vehicle down the road.

Even though they have no moving parts, and are not subject to friction, spark plugs will wear out over time. Primary reasons for accelerated spark plugs wear are oil contamination, carbon buildup, overheating damage, and improperly set gap which can cause spark plug tip to erode prematurely. Depending on the materials used for spark plugs manufacture, typically spark plugs can last from 30,000 miles (copper spark plugs) to 90,000 miles (iridium spark plugs).

Signs that Your Vehicle Needs Spark Plugs Replacements:

Failing spark plugs can generate a number of symptoms – any of them are sufficient to warrant a visit to your friendly local mechanic:

  • Check Engine Light “on” - faulty spark plugs can result in the check engine light being turned on by the onboard computer. Check engine light should not be ignored, as it can be illuminated by a number of conditions other than failing spark plugs, and some of these conditions, if not corrected in a timely fashion, can result if damage to the catalytic converter and expensive repairs.
  • Reduced mileage - worn-out spark plugs can no longer burn air-gasoline mixture efficiently, so mileage can suffer.
  • Rough idle is another sign of potential spark plugs problem.
  • Poor acceleration can be caused by worn out spark plugs.
  • Engine misfires can also be caused by failing spark plugs.

At South Denver Automotive we can provide your vehicle with new spark plugs that will have it performing at its best for years to come. You can also expect friendly customer service and highly skilled, nationally ASE certified technicians, so instead of looking for a “mechanic near me”, call our South Denver auto repair shop, and you can also expect:

  • 4 year / 40,000 miles nationwide warranty for year peace of mind
  • Same day service or repair completion, in most cases
  • Clean, child friendly facility
  • Digital vehicle inspections
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your vehicle
  • Free local shuttle

To arrange an appointment, call our Denver repair shop directly, or you can make an appointment online, on our website, if you find that route more convenient.

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