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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Do I Need a Timing Belt Replacement?

Do I Need a Timing Belt Replacement?

Your vehicle's timing belt is a fundamental part of the engine that often gets overlooked. This rubbery piece is responsible for synchronizing and regulating the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. Without this pivotal part, the engine valves would not open and close at the proper time. The belt has teeth or ridges to provide consistent movement. If the timing is damaged or the timing belt connection is insufficient, it could spell disaster for your engine. For instance, the pistons can hit the valves, causing irreversible harm to the engine. The timing belt must be correctly fitted and be kept in good condition.   Common Causes of Timing Belt Failure There are various ways a timing belt can fail. Those include: Stripped teeth on the strap Unraveling of the belt's fiber  Belt breakage (most uncommon situation) Incorrect belt tension—too tight or too loose Signs That a Timing Belt Needs Replacement There are several signs that may indicate that your ... read more

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