Can You Use Add Water in Lieu of Coolant

The coolant in your engine serves the crucial purpose of cooling it and ensuring it does not overheat. There may be times when you do not have antifreeze or coolant and think that water will do a good enough job of cooling your car. Can you add water in place of coolant? Read on and find out.

Coolant Vs. Water

First and foremost, we have to define what a coolant is. A coolant is a mixture of water and additives that increases water's boiling and freezing points.

The additives in coolants also help prevent engine corrosion. Therefore, the coolant regulates the engine's temperature and hence prevents it from overheating.

It is crucial to check the coolant levels in your engine because it will affect the car's performance and longevity. Refill the coolant every time it is below optimal levels for better car maintenance.

If your vehicle is low on coolant, then there is probably a leak in the engine. You should take the car to a mechanic or auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Otherwise, your engine will overheat, and other parts of the engine will be damaged, which means more extensive and expensive repairs, which you want to avoid.

The simple answer to the topic question is no, you cannot use water in lieu of coolant. Water by itself cannot do the job that antifreeze or coolant does. It has limited freezing and boiling points, so water cannot protect a vehicle's engine.

Water is also a poor heat absorber when compared to coolants.

If you live around the equator, where water remains liquid, you can use water instead of coolant in an emergency. If you need coolant replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to South Denver Automotive today!

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