Check Your Car Lights for Fall

Driving with dim, blinking, or blurry lights can put yourself and others at risk of an accident. Not only do bad headlights reduce your ability to see clearly at night or in foggy or rainy conditions, but it makes it harder for other drivers to detect you as well. As a friendly reminder from your favorite neighborhood shop, South Denver Automotive, we’d like you to check that ALL your car lights are working properly to ensure safe driving this fall! 


Checking your lights can take a matter of minutes, and all it requires is a quick walkaround. If you want to check all your lights, it may be helpful to grab a friend to make the job easier. 


Here are the following lights that you should check:

  • Headlights - These should have adequate brightness and aim at the right angle.
  • Fog lights – These lights are great for driving in foggy conditions. Though they aren’t used as often as headlights, they will come in handy.
  • Daytime Lights – These are more common in newer model vehicles and can be difficult to tell when they’re not working (since they are only run during the day). 
  • Tail Lights – Similar to your headlights, they should also be brilliant enough. Tail Lights help drivers from behind you see your vehicle.
  • Brake lights – Pull a friend aside and have them stand behind your vehicle to monitor your brake lights while you go press on the brakes. These lights are so important to your safety so make sure none of them are out.
  • Turn signals – All you need to do is switch both left and right turn signals on.
  • Interior light – Last but not least, check to see if the lighting inside of your vehicle works. If they are dim or flickering, it can indicate a larger problem such as a faulty alternator. 

When your vehicle lights are experiencing difficulties, it could be anything from the light bulb itself to a blown fuse to a bad alternator. If you need help diagnosing auto electrical problems, please bring your car to South Denver Automotive.

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