What Are the Biggest Driving Distractions?

With the widespread use of cell phones and other onboard electronics in cars, distracted driving is becoming an increasingly serious problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving is a key factor in fatal automobile incidents, accounting for up to one in every ten fatalities on the road. Below are some of the most common distractions while driving:

Use of Cell Phone

Since the introduction of mobile phones, distracted driving has risen in popularity across the United States. Cell phone usage is particularly harmful when it comes to prospective diversions. It accounts for around 12% of all distracted driving accidents.

Events Outside the Vehicle

Turning your head to gaze at an accident or other roadside incident while driving is extremely risky. This is especially true when numerous cars in close proximity slow down to watch the same thing. If you turn your head, the vehicle in front of you may slow down or come to a complete stop, giving you no time to avoid a crash. Around 7% of all distracted driving incidents include drivers who are gazing at something outside their cars rather than paying attention.

Concentrating on Conversations While Driving

While driving, drivers may converse with or even argue with their passengers. Parents may have to deal with kids arguing in the backseat. Around 5% of distracted driving collisions include drivers who are more focused on their passengers than on the road ahead.

Trying to Reach Devices Inside the Vehicle

A driver may try to reach for cosmetics or a mobile phone in his or her handbag, or to search the car with his or her hands for other items. These distractions can result in a motorist losing control of their car and account for around 2% of all distracted driving accidents.

Cognitive Distraction

The majority of distracted drivers who cause accidents indicate periods when they are lost in thought, cognitively disconnected from the activity at hand, or daydreaming. This form of distraction can be caused by anything from a lack of sleep to a difficult day at work after returning home for the day.

These are the most frequently encountered types of distractions. Accidents, however, are not only caused by distractions, you may get an accident if your vehicle malfunctions because of improper service.If you need vehicle service, give South Denver Automotive a call or visit today!

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