What Do Fuel Injectors Do?

A fuel injector is an integral part of the fuel system that supplies fuel into the engine in the form of a mist. The fuel injectors themselves are directed by the car's computer to allow a precise and efficient amount of fuel for the combustion process.


Fuel injectors can typically last the vehicle's life if the automobile is well-kept. However, as with every part, varying issues can arise.

  • One common problem for fuel injectors is failing due to excess build-up of things like dirt, carbon, and fuel. Most of the time, you can fix clogged fuel injectors with a fuel cleaning service. If it is severe, your technician may go ahead and recommend a replacement. 
  • Another problem that can occur with fuel injectors is leaks from cracks. Unfortunately, the only fix for a cracked injector is an entire replacement. 
  • Last but not least, the electrical parts of an injector can also die off from wear and tear or exposure to heat and moisture.

There are various warning signs that you're running with bad injectors:

  • Lit Check Engine Light - When one or more of your fuel injectors fail, you get too much or too little fuel in your engine. As a result, you will experience misfires, which undoubtedly will trigger the check engine light.
  • Rough Idling - You usually know what your vehicle feels like when idling. If something seems off when your car is parked or at a stop, you should have your fuel injectors checked out.
  • Unusual Sounds - A low or rough noise can be given off when you have too much build-up on your fuel injectors.
  • Engine Misfires - If you're experiencing misfires or a delayed response with accelerating, that can be a clear sign that your fuel injector nozzles are clogged.
  • Smell of Gasoline/Fuel Leak - Unless you're filling up at the gas station, you shouldn't catch the scent of gasoline near your car any other time. If you do, there's a good chance that your car is leaking fuel. 

As you can tell, proper working fuel injectors are necessary to achieve a balanced air/fuel mixture for your car. Without it, your vehicle's mileage will be affected, you could damage your engine, and you could experience these devastating symptoms above. If you need fuel service cleaning or engine-related repairs, please do not hesitate to call or visit South Denver Automotive today.

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