What Symptoms Indicate a Tune-Up Is Needed?

A tune-up for your car can mean many things for different people. But eventually, you will need to get one for your car. What are the signs? What are the symptoms? Here's what they are below.

Signs that you need a tune-up soon for your vehicle

Vibrating more than usual

You notice your car is vibrating more than usual. This could be a sign that the engine bearings are wearing down, which is a serious problem that will only get worse without proper maintenance.

Check engine light comes on

The check engine light comes on, or you notice an unusual smell coming from your exhaust pipe, such as burning oil or gas. These are both signs that something is wrong with your engine and needs immediate attention.

Car has a hard time accelerating

Your car starts hesitating while accelerating, or you hear a loud knocking noise when the engine is running on cold days. These problems could be caused by worn-out spark plugs and other internal parts of the engine which need repair before they become irreparable.

Engine is overheating

If you have experienced overheating in your car before, that can be a sign there is something wrong with the engine, and it may need a tune-up. You do not want to ignore this if this is the case.

Brake Problems

This is another sign that a tune-up should be done soon. This can range from vibrating to brake lines getting loose. Either way, it can be dangerous to drive if your brakes are not in order.

Your vehicle is using more gas than it should

If you've first bought your vehicle, and it seemed like you could go everywhere without filling up, then suddenly you can't, you may have an issue. You will want to go to our auto shop and see why your fuel economy gotten worse.

Shifting issues

There shouldn't be rough shifting when you are driving your vehicle. If there is, there may be a transmission problem that should be looked into.
If you need a tune-up performed, we invite you to bring your vehicle to South Denver Automotive today!


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