Why Is My ABS Light On?

So you get into your car and see the bright letters, “A-B-S” on your dashboard. Those letters stay on there as you keep driving. What should you do next? And what does it all mean? Read on to learn more.


The ABS, or anti-lock braking system, is responsible for preventing your vehicle’s wheels from locking up. Therefore, it allows you to have more control of your vehicle and minimizes your chances of skidding across wet conditions. When you press really hard on your brakes, the sensors on your vehicle’s wheels lets the ECU know that you might skid.


What Causes the ABS Light To Come On?

There are many potential reasons why your ABS light is on. Here are some instances below:

  1. Low brake fluid – The first thing you should check after you catch the ABS light is your brake fluid reservoir. When levels of DOT fluid have dropped significantly, the light will come on. You should top off your fluid and bring your car to an expert to check for leaks.
  2. Wheel sensor error - The ABS is completely reliant on the wheels’ sensors. If the sensors are broken or worn, they can send incorrect readings to your ECU. And thus, trigger the ABS light to come on.
  3. ABS is turned off - When your ABS is off or disengaged, the light will come on your dash as a warning. Try turning the system back on to see if the light goes away. 

Don’t fret if you see the luminous A-B-S letters on your dashboard. As long as you get your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop promptly, you should be fine. If you have a problem with your anti-lock braking system, please feel free to call or visit the experts at South Denver Automotive. We have qualified techs and exceptional equipment and parts to repair all your braking needs.  

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