Winter Driving Tips

The American Automobile Association (AAA) states that winter vehicle crashes and road fatalities account for the highest number of such incidences in the US. Winter driving is considered dangerous even for the most experienced drivers, but if you are well prepared, you remain safe.

Top Winter Driving Tips

Staying alert, in control, and slowing down are vital elements to safe winter driving. Years of experience in testing and driving cars in freezing conditions show that following these simple tips will enhance and keep you safe.

Stay Home or Slow Down

If you can avoid driving in winter, it would be great. But if you must drive, avoid speeding. The traction is lower on ice and snow and takes longer to stop.

Wear a Safety Belt Always

In snowy conditions, accidents are high regardless of the distance. A seatbelt in such eventualities can save your life significantly.

Increase the Distance between Cars

Avoid driving too close to other vehicles due to low traction. You can apply the 3-4 seconds general rule. It means staying 3-4 seconds behind the car in front.

Avoid Using the Cruise Control

In snow or ice-covered roads it can quickly cause an accident. Keep cruise control off and instead stay alert on the road.

Keep Your Winter Emergency Kit in Your Car Always

Ensure your winter emergency kit is always in your car, whether driving long or short distances. The kit includes an ice scraper, portable shovel, cell phone charger, blanket, extra batteries, a first aid kit, and others.

Keep your Vehicle in Top Condition

Have regular maintenance to ensure your car is in excellent condition. Check the lights, tire pressure and treads, windshield wipers, defroster, anti-freeze, and other fluid levels. Also, inspect the battery, and keep your gas tank full.

Have a Designated Emergency Contact

If you are driving at night or in those areas with heavy snowfall or long distances, ensure you have a standby emergency contact. This could be a friend or relative. Inform them of your journey and the expected arrival time.
If you become stranded, stay inside your car until help arrives to avoid freezing. Also, ensure the exhaust pipe is not blocked and light flares in the front and behind to alert other motorists. Still, if you need more help with winter driving and repair, bring your car into our auto repair shop today.


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