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Monthly Archives: January 2022

What Do Fuel Injectors Do?

What Do Fuel Injectors Do?

A fuel injector is an integral part of the fuel system that supplies fuel into the engine in the form of a mist. The fuel injectors themselves are directed by the car's computer to allow a precise and efficient amount of fuel for the combustion process.   Fuel injectors can typically last the vehicle's life if the automobile is well-kept. However, as with every part, varying issues can arise. One common problem for fuel injectors is failing due to excess build-up of things like dirt, carbon, and fuel. Most of the time, you can fix clogged fuel injectors with a fuel cleaning service. If it is severe, your technician may go ahead and recommend a replacement.  Another problem that can occur with fuel injectors is leaks from cracks. Unfortunately, the only fix for a cracked injector is an entire replacement.  Last but not least, the electrical parts of an injector can also die off from wear and tear or exposure to heat and moisture. There are various warning sig ... read more

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